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Northamptonshire / Warwickshire

High quality Counselling for Neurodiverse Couples, Individuals and those seeking help for their relationship with food in Northamptonshire and online to the UKGill Battison Dip COT PG Dip EFT & Eating Disorder trained Reg MBACP

Couples Counselling

It might be that you are looking at this website because your relationship is under significant stress or trauma right now and you are looking to talk to someone in a professional, confidential capacity.
Or it could be that you are both struggling to come to terms with issues around infidelity, betrayal, or perhaps the ending of a relationship. It could be that mental health issues or addiction or a physical illness is putting enormous strain on yourselves and your family.

Together we can explore the patterns and cycles perhaps you have become stuck in together, and provide a map to help you recover, repair and heal from trauma and distress.

Your relationship will be the ‘client” and I will be aiming to create emotional safety in each session, helping you to make sense of what you are experiencing and feeling in order for you both to create a more secure emotional bond.

How I work:

With Couples, I use an Integrated Approach and draw from different models such as Transactional Analysis, Attachment Theory, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Emotional Focused Therapy or EFT in the service of the work.

I use visual tools such as PowerPoint to explain neurobiological difference, and I offer practical tools, as well as role play, to help clients develop their communication skills.

I work to be a safe and effective bridge so that couples can identify their strengths, as well as to understand the unhelpful patterns and cycles that can occur.

We work as a team together towards specific relationship goals, to identify what can and can’t be changed and the different needs each partner presents with in the process.

The decision of whether to stay in a relationship always belongs to the couple.

I usually see couples for between 8-20 sessions.


Couples Counselling will help you both:

1. Understand your strengths and gifts that you both bring to your relationship.

2. Understand the differences of your unique neural wiring in your brains and the challenges this can bring to a relationship.

3. Understand and explore the patterns and triggers that keep you stuck in negative cycles in your relationship.

4.Employ strategies and build skills for utilising your strengths-to move out from those negative cycles.

5. Improve communication, solve problems together and develop emotional regulation, resilience and maintain intimacy.