Blossom House Counselling

Northamptonshire / Warwickshire

High quality Counselling for Neurodiverse Couples, Individuals and those seeking help for their relationship with food in Northamptonshire and online to the UKGill Battison Dip COT PG Dip EFT & Eating Disorder trained Reg MBACP

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process that is used to bring about positive changes that enrich people’s lives and help them to reconcile issues of the past in order to face their future with more confidence.

What can counselling offer me?

Counselling offers us the space to express whatever is troubling us. It may be things we have kept in a long time and is having a detrimental effect on our well being.

It provides an opportunity to explore the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that can sometimes keep us stuck, unhappy and suffering in self defeating or negative cycles within ourselves and our relationships.

Counselling can help identify these patterns and cycles, and bring growth and healing in a non judgemental self awareness, that leads to people having more:

  • perspective
  • clarity
  • choices
  • hope
  • self acceptance
  • empowerment to lead more positive lives in the future.

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt is a holistic way of being and a psychotherapy following a humanistic approach.
It is a creative attitude towards life and personal growth with the emphasis on the present experience, contact with oneself and others and awareness that addresses the whole person; mind, body spirit and emotion.